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Importance of co-curricular activities in a school

Different types of school activities play a significant part in the overall development of a student’s life.

Nowadays every school is focusing on few co curricular activities to improve the overall learning process at school. In these activities, participation is mandatory for each and every student as it is structured to help the students in their academics as well. They bring the social, cultural and ethical values in a student. Through this, their personality develops and they are able to concentrate on some creative activities which later, open different paths in their career. In this article we’ll focus on the importance of these activities in detail. So, let’s look into them –

 It improves physical and mental health

Co curricular activities require the active participation of the students. For that, they need to stay active not only physically but also mentally. This type of continuous activeness improves their physical and mental health, and as a result, they are able to explore themselves in a better way and can think of their hobbies which they have not explored yet.

It can create opportunities for the students

It is a highly competitive world where a student needs to be ready for all situations. These extracurricular activities prepare themselves so that they don’t miss any opportunity. Only academic marks are not everything. That’s the reason schools prepare themselves with so many things which provide better chances for them. They can also decide which way they want to go to be a better one in the future.

It can trigger their confidence and sense of responsibility

Through these activities, children are given tasks which they must complete within a deadline. Which means, they have to take the responsibility on themselves and because of this they develop a habit of being responsible in their later life too. It also helps in boosting their level of confidence and accountability.

It helps to develop special skills

Co-curricular activities improve student’s learning experience. It helps them identify and develop different types of inner talents like public speaking, some artistic skills and even leadership qualities. It offers them a chance to think in a new way so that they can do something unusual and innovative. Overall, it enriches their learning experience.

So, we can definitely say that, nowadays every school needs to incorporate co-curricular activities in their curriculum. 


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