Importance of coconut water for skin:

The skin cells need balanced nutrition to keep away the pollutants and reducethe natural deterioration process.

Apart from satiating the thirst on a hot day, coconut water is equally important in maintaining the skin cells healthy. Be it delicious fleshy material inside or the pure whitish liquid, coconut is helpful in many ways. Enriched in important nutrients, coconut water provides enormous benefits to the skin. Scientifically, coconut water helps in the immediate moisturization of the skin. If you are worried about drying of skin or reduction of your skin glow, this article is for you to be aware of various important benefits of coconut water on the skin.

Acne scar removal:

Rarely a person is found with an acne-free face. Acne on the face is a serious issue in any polluted area. Although after recovery, some scar remains on the skin. To remove such strong scars of acne coconut water is a must. Apply coconut water with turmeric and will be amazed to see the results. After recovering from skin-related diseases like chickenpox, the application of coconut water is suggested by some doctors. The coconut water helps in removing the scars of chickenpox.

Reviving the dry skin:

Packed with various amino acids and carbohydrates, coconut water helps in rejuvenating the dry cells of the skin. Besides, the high electrolyte content provides a soothing effect while applying.Coconut water also provides anti-bacterial effects on the skin.

Skin hydration:

The micronutrients (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and so on) present in coconut water provide hydrating impact and revives the elasticity of the skin, and removes wrinkles. The elasticity of your skin largely depends on the rate of collagen production inside skin cells. As you grow older the collagen production reduces and subsequently, the skin becomes fragile and thinner. To keep a sufficient level of collagen production, coconut water is a must as it promotes the production of collagen.

Anti-aging effect:

The coconut is known for a high amount of phytohormone kinetin, which helps in new cell generation. This hormone along with other chemicals provides an anti-oxidant effect as well as anti-aging properties. The micronutrients also help to fight against free radicals inside the body.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, coconut water acts as a great cleanser when applied topically due to its lightweightand non-sticky nature. Also, it helps in excess oil removal from the skin. Coconut water is beneficial for both drinking and topical application. Some studies say that coconut water exerts some potential benefits to digestion.

Keeping aside some interesting skin benefits, it is suggested to keep a safe distance from the myths about coconut water usage. Scientifically proven facts say that coconut water cannot cure blackheads, pigmentation, redness, or dark circles.

So, you should consider consuming or topical application of coconut water at least twice a week.

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