Importance Of Color In Marketing And Branding

“The right choice of colour reflects the personality of your brand.”

In this era, purchasing intent is highly affected by the colours because their effect is perceived by brands wherein customers mainly focus on the “personality” of a brand. As all of you are already aware of the five dimensions of brand personality, there are five core points played by the dimensions in a brand personality.

The additional research on colour perception and preferences shows that when it ultimately comes to tints, hues, shades. Also, one more fact about colour is gender preferences wherein men prefer bold colours while women prefer soft or light colours.

The right choice of colour differentiates your brand personality.

Recent studies revealed that our brains generally prefer an immediately recognizable brand that makes colour a significant element while creating a brand identity or image. Similarly, it has been suggested through various articles that it is important for new brands to choose colours that ensure a differentiation point from entrenched competitors. Also, choosing the right colour helps to stand out for marketing purposes as well. It is considering the psychological principle called the “isolation effect”, which states that an item “stands out like a sore thumb” that is more likely remembered.

 Importance of right colour in marketing

We live in a digital era wherein the art of leave-behind marketing would always have a strong impact on marketing strategies. One of the questions that arise in terms of the digital marketing era is, “why print collaterals are still in use? It always provides or offers tactile fulfilment, which digital content does not offer.

Two approaches of right colours in marketing

There are two different approaches of colours in marketing purposes such as,

Using specific colours in order to trigger certain emotions, moods and thoughts in your target audience

Using colour contrast to improve as well as ease readability

Therefore, these two particular approaches of using colour for your marketing strategy, whether it is social media or offline marketing, can offer similar yet somehow different effects on the perception of the target audience.

Henceforth, one should choose colour very wisely to depict its brand personality and identity in the market. Also, considering the customer’s perception of the brand, companies must select a colour based on the differentiation strategy to make it more compatible and competitive in the market as it is one of the powerful tools used to influence the reaction of your target audience.


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