Importance of honey for your health

Check out the benefits of honey for your health.

Honey is one of those tasty foods that are also beneficial for your health. It has Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Iodine, Carbohydrate, phenols, enzymes, minerals, water and other antioxidant compounds which are good for your health. It works as antiseptic, anti bacterial, anti microbial. Just a spoonful of honey everyday can improve your health a lot. As recommended by doctors, it’s best to take honey with an empty stomach in the morning. Here are some points about how beneficial honey is for you!

  1. Skin and Hair: Regular consumption of honey will cleanse all the toxins from your skin. If not internally, you can even try it externally. If you have a dry skin then honey can work as the best moisturizer for you. Just take a small amount of honey and scrub it on your face, wash it after 15 minutes and it will help your skin to glow more. It also heals burn and wound. Also you can use honey with olive oil. It makes your hair thicker and controls hair fall problem. Applying honey with warm water on hair cleanses scalp, moisturizes hair and treats dandruff.
  2. Weight loss: Mix some honey and squeezed lemon juice to some warm water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. It increases your metabolism and helps you to lose your weight fast, without any side effects. It also improves your digestion.
  3. Heart: Honey controls your cholesterol, blood pressure and improves the health of your heart. A spoonful of honey everyday decreases the risk of any kind of heart disease and heart attack.
  4. Brain: Honey improves the activities of your brain. As it reduces bad cholesterol and cholesterol is harmful for brain, honey improves your brain health and boosts memory. Honey contains antioxidant, it reduces cellular damage, cognitive decline, oxidative stress and dementia.
  5. Cold/Cough: If you have cold or cough then honey can be the best home remedy for you. Mix one or two spoonful of honey with hot tea and drink it. Also honey hydrates your vocal muscles and improves your voice quality.
  6. Blood: As honey contains antioxidant, iron, copper and manganese; it improves your blood circulation, hemoglobin synthesis and increases red blood cells in your blood. Honey cleanses your blood and prevents Anemia.
  7. Sleep: Honey is a natural sedative. If you have insomnia, then honey can be your best home remedy. Honey contains sugar and carbohydrate which spike your insulin level and your brain starts releasing melatonin which helps you to have a deeper sleep.

Also honey reduces your stress and decreases the risk of tumour and cancer. You can even use it to replace sugar. But always go for raw honey, try to avoid pasteurized honey.

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