Published By: Sougata Dutta

Importance Of Motion In A Film

Film, the magic of motion that connects all the elements of the film…

A film is actually all about motion. Motion is the thing that connects all the elements, all the arts, all the frames together and converts those into a film.

In the early ages, film was called motion picture, as at that time there were only moving pictures as elements of a movie. And that is how it all began. So, motion is the most vital part of a film.

But, what is 'Motion'? Motion of what? Which kind of motion, when, where and in which direction- all these are very vital questions to be addressed.

What is meant as Motion in Film

The word Motion means the moving condition. In a film, its elements like video, frame, objects, characters, light, camera angle, mood, colour; all are changing constantly and so all these have motion in a film. And motion is something that is why it becomes a film.

The motion of camera

It is the cinematographer's subject, but a director should also have a basic idea about it. All the cinematographic approaches have different sorts of motion and all those motions denote different intentions of the cinematographer, like what mood he or she wants to set for that scene or where to put the focus of the audience. And, motion of camera is also important in case of changing a frame or a scene.

The motion of frame

The speed and angle of frame shift is a very vital part of film making. A frame includes all the visual elements of a film. And the motion of the frame does the necessary changes of elements in the frame.

The motion of objects

To keep continuity of a scene, it is necessary to follow the motions of all the objects in the frame, specially for cut shots. Discontinuity of any object or its motion is a major mistake in case of filmmaking.

The motion of characters

It means the flow of the character. The actor should get into the character and perform that without any discontinuity of mood, so that the actor looks like the real character throughout a film.

The motion of light

The light works as a filter on a frame. It determines the focus point(/s), the objectives, the condition and atmosphere of a scene. So, its motion plays a very vital role in storytelling and creating the narrative, perspective and timeline of a scene.