Importance of studying literature

Literature is not only about reading fiction and other pieces; it is very much related to life. It works as a mirror to look at and understand society in a different way.

To discuss this topic, first we need to know what literature is. Is literature all about what we generally consider it to be or something more than that? In reality it is actually beyond a subject or a language. It is there to give us a broader view of our surroundings and world. No matter what the language is, the sole purpose of the literature is always the same which is to enlighten or enrich us. There are so many purposes of studying literature apart from taking it as a part of academia. These are mentioned below-

Literature improves concentration and focus

If one is struggling with less concentration and focus, reading literature is recommended because it will surely improve the power of concentration. One study shows that our brains need to work more when we are reading words, in comparison with watching movies or other types of media. There is less to work with words, therefore our brains work harder. As a result, we are able to concentrate more.

Literature helps us in broadening our horizons

Literature leads us to think about more than ourselves. Because of this we can understand others’ perspectives as well. In short it makes us judge things in a proper manner. Because of literature, we start realizing that judging someone or something, without knowing the matter properly, is not a wise man’s job.

Literature boosts imagination

According to World Literacy Foundation research, reading is one of the best ways to increase the imagination. While watching movies involves very little mental work, reading words makes the reader create the entire picture in his or her mind and it is just like a mental exercise to increase the reader’s imaginative and innovative power.

It is more than a language or subject

Literature is not only about studying one single language or subject. In this case, language is just a medium, the content of that literary work is what matters the most. Before trying to understand a piece of work, we must have a proper knowledge about the history and in what type of socio-political context it was written, so that it can create a wholesome knowledge in us.

Finally, it can be denied that Literature is only about love. Love is basically a part of literature, not literature a part of love.

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