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Importance of youth participation in politics.

Politics play a vital role in shaping our society; therefore, the participation of the citizens in the process is fundamental for every democracy. 

The formal political processes include the active contribution from every segment of the society- youths and adults. It is a rough idea that almost 1/5th of the population belongs between 15-25 years. Also, the survey report suggests that approximately 1.5% of the world parliamentarians are in their twenties. Therefore, we hear the roar from the crowd demanding the involvement of youths in politics, and we get to see their growing recognition around the globe. But the question is: how will youth participation in politics make any difference?

Today, the world is empowering youth to participate in every aspect of society, especially politics. It is so because when the youth get excluded from formal political operations, a notable portion of the population has limited or no influence in the decision-making process. Therefore, it impacts the lives of young people in the long run. Therefore, youths must focus on retaining their rights, acquiring the necessary knowledge and building the capacity to participate actively at all levels.

Some highlighted benefits for youth participation in politics are as follows.

A representative from the segment is much needed to understand their needs. Today, young people face different issues; but they often remain unheard of by the leaders. Also, rules and regulations get set without considering their emotions, which results in conflicts. Therefore, youth participation received encouragement with time. Only people belonging to that particular age group can understand their problems better and take action for development.

Their participation in politics gets extended to civic contribution too. Youths are encouraged to get involved with various social communities, such as health, charity and education. So it is because working for the welfare of society is the targeted part of political participation. It gets done through participating in political demonstrations, voting or raising voices against specific issues.

The young brain is equal to fresh new ideas. Youth participation in politics breaks the status quo of year-old authoritarian practices. It got observed that the protests led by young leaders forced the authorities to bring a change. Therefore, it is important to prioritize youth’s opinions as a part of any formal decision-making.

It helps them grow up as a responsible citizen. In addition, working as a member of the political community gives exposure to the real world. Therefore, young people involved with it are more likely to develop a sense of responsibility and become engaged citizens.

These are some benefits of encouraging youth participation in politics.

Orna Ghosh

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