Important sound recording tips for beginners

You can use the best tool for video recording or employ expensive software for your podcast. But for a good quality recording, you need to record audio in the right manner because bad audio can ruin a good video also. Nobody wants to watch a video that has bad audio. A beginner needs to learn some tips for recording sound.

Let us talk about some important sound recording tips that will help you in achieving good results.

Record with headphones on 

If you are recording or having a conversation via a video with someone, you need to put your headphones on so that your mic doesn’t pick up their voice too. You need to use headphones while recording because that way you can listen to your voice and check if you need to speak in a high or low tone.

Using right microphone 

Using the right microphone is important if you are recording podcasts, interviews, or anything. A good microphone focuses on a specific sound and reduces the background noises. There are different types of microphones for different situations. If you are recording outside your studio, use a microphone that supports sound outdoors and vice versa.

Check your mic distance 

If you are a beginner, it is important for you to be aware of the mic distance. Always keep your mic at your mouth height to avoid unnecessary variations in the sound. Every recording has loud and quiet parts so always keep the mic at a distance while recording louder parts and closer when recording quieter parts. During professional recordings keep your mic at a distance of 3 inches from your mouth.

Control your breathing

It is very common for people to not take a breath at the right time while recording something. It can disrupt the cleanest recording if you don’t know when to take a breath. Always remember to turn your head away when you take a breath while recording so that it doesn’t pick up by your microphone or mic.

Check your volume levels 

Having constant volume levels is not difficult if you maintain the same distance from your mic throughout the recording. Keep an eye on your volume levels when recording as it is easy to do with audio recording tools. They tell you the frequency of your voice by showing it on the green yellow red scale. Therefore, there are many audio tools that can edit your volume level after recording but it is good if you record the finest sound.

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