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Important Tips On How To Choose Your Curtains

Curtains can make or break the look of your precious home.

You may have invested huge dough in building your home and carefully choosing every little piece of furniture to bring it all together. However, what really makes or breaks the look of a space are curtains. Curtains are a necessity not only because you like to sleep in pitch dark or because you love your privacy, but also from the design point of view. Curtains could either dull down your space or liven it up instantly. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before you invest in curtains for your home.

Understand The Difference Between Curtains And Drapes

First things first, understand the difference between curtains and drapes. Look at your room carefully and figure what does the room require –curtains or drapes? To give a basic idea, curtains are made of light fabric materials that are usually used for privacy. On the other hand, drapes are made of thick fabric materials that are usually used to block out the light. Deepending upon the requirement of the room, select whether you need a drape or a curtain. For example, curtains are a great choice for your living room because it allows the privacy. However, for your bedroom, drapes should be perfect because they block the sunlight out especially if you like to stay in bed a little late.

Pay Attention To The Fabric

The fabric is the most important part of a curtain. It sets the vibe of the room that you would like to set. The fabric also decides the fall and the flow of the curtain and plays a vital role when you are trying to set the look of your room. Fabrics for curtain range from light to medium to heavy. From a simple and light cotton fabric to medium brocade fabrics to heavy brocade fabrics, curtain fabrics would decide the sunlight that enters your room, the fall of the curtains and the vibe of the room.

Keep A Balance

It is tough to choose between prints and solid colors when it comes to curtains. The trick is to find a balance. Use both but make sure they complement each other and the look of the room. For example, if the soft furnishings are mostly prints, for your curtains, go light on the prints and heavy on the solids and vice versa.

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