Impressive Decor Ideas For Kid’s Room

Move away from the same-old, and try these interesting tips while decorating your kid’s room.

Painted characters and allied colourful identities, astro or sporty themes need not be the only option for your kid’s bedroom. One can be inventive, space-smart, sophisticated and stylish to boot. The only criteria that stay are that it has to be lively and fun.

Decal The Walls

Decals are one of the best ways of covering your kid’s walls without painting them! Very helpful if you are renting or don’t want to splurge on paint, they can be the entire theme itself or be placed as per your children’s wishes. Being not very expensive, they can be changed every year or two to bring about a variation.

Chalkboard Wall

Kids have an irresistible urge to scribble on walls. This budget-friendly option will let your children constantly paint, erase, paint their own walls! They can also make education, fun.

An alternate can be a soft board. Most kids love to paint and draw on their own besides receiving such assignments as homework. You can put in a big soft board, use colour coordinated thrift frames and even add string picture with the frames enabling the kids to hang their painting themselves.

Wall Art

This can be achieved quite literally. The walls can be a mural or painted with graffiti or Pop art. You can employ an artist from an art-school or from your network.


Easily available in hardware stores, these, tempered hardboards, pre-drilled with evenly-spaced holes, we can be both functional as well as playful.

Shift From Walls To Beds

Habitual decor ideas primarily centre around the walls. If you can start with the quirky sleeping arrangement options available for kids, instead and then move from there, it might bring a new dimension to the decor.

Try canopy beds which can come in different fabric materials patterns, patterns and themes. They can jazz up a room, more so if you pair it up with suspended pendant lighting.

Fort beds are another option, and if you are at it, the even greater idea is the bunk fort beds, which can double up as a plaything. You can designate spaces within it. Forts, as a separate plaything, can also be thought of.

Bunk The Bed

Applicable if there are two kids in a room, provided they have an internal understanding and compliant with safety issues.

If there is a closet room, it can be converted into a bunk saving for the play area. Storage can be improvised.

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