In The Potterverse: Underrated Harry Potter Characters We Love

Yes, we wish the world would be as weird and adorable as Luna Lovegood too!

There are many fans of the main cast of Harry Potter. Whether be it Harry himself or his school rival, Malfoy, there is no shortage of people’s love and appreciation for either of these characters. However, not many people tend to remember some of the most underrated characters of this popular fantasy film series. A few characters that were equally important and brilliant for the plot failed to receive the amount of appreciation they deserved. Here are some of the most underrated characters from Harry Potter that we love!

Cho Chang Deserved Better Than Just Being Potter’s Love Interest

Well, here’s the bitter truth and take it with a pinch of salt –Cho Chang’s character arc could have been made into something larger than just being the love interest of Harry Potter. When Cho was first introduced into the film as well as the book, people took interest in her because she was the person that Harry ever had a crush on. However, once that flame died down, Cho’s existence got limited into being the girl who could have been with Harry. Cho’s smartness, talent or popularity fell short before that fact that she was no longer a cherished person in Potter’s life. We believe, Cho Chang’s character carried a huge potential that the creator of pop-cultural phenomenon failed to realise.

Molly Weasley Is The Most Underrated Weasley

While Ron and his siblings received their due credit for the plot of Harry Potter, the one Weasley who did not quite get the attention she deserved was their mother, Molly Weasley. Molly had a dynamic personality that was explored way too late into the Harry Potter universe. Initially, she was limited to being a homemaker who didn’t know quite the ways of the world. However, later in the storyline, we find Molly risking her family and loved ones to fight Voldemort. Honestly, Molly Weasley is everything that’s interesting about the Weasley family!

Luna Lovegood Is The Weird Piece Of Fun

Luna Lovegood was not introduced to the Harry Potter world before the fifth book and what waste was that. With her personality and insights, her character deserved more time and space in the storyline that she had received. Her character developed felt incomplete and underwhelming when all she deserved was a little more care and attention.

Urbee Sarkar

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