In your rental, recreate the room with an antique touch

There are some simple ways to recreate your rental room to experience an old-world charm.

When it comes to home decor, give your room a vintage touch with some antique aesthetic that would add character to your place.

Curate a gallery wall

Hang an electric gallery wall above the daybed as well as carefully select the pieces which will take you back to simpler times. China in particular evokes ornate mirrors that give that quintessential antique look which is perfect for vintage-themed spaces.

Add an armoire

It does not only provide extra storage but also takes us back to the era when such antique pieces were ubiquitous in bedrooms. The result would be elegant if you can source a vintage armoire.

Always find purpose in an old piece

Creativity is the key! Supposedly decorating your living room or bedroom with a vintage card catalog which provides welcome storage. It is not necessary but proves a shine to your space and makes your room look more creative and idealistic.

Always be thoughtful with accessories

The accessories chosen for decorating a room in a vintage style should have a meaning. The retro telephone kept in a living room for a special touch along with an antique looking mirror above your bed would be an excellent complement.

Add a vanity

Arranging a vanity would take you back to those simpler times when people used to sip cups of coffee in front of the bathroom mirror and get ready alongside would not be acceptable. Therefore, add some glamor to our routine by keeping a vanity table with a double desk.

Lean a mirror

Never underestimate the power of an antique brass wall mirror, especially an ornate mirror which all vintage bedrooms must have, the larger the size of the mirror, the better.

Try to pace the mirror in areas that catch both light and eye.

The first and foremost step would be what the person likes rather than focusing on the value or prices. Giving your room a vintage touch is all about finding pieces that speak to you on a very personal level. It is not essential to spend a bomb, you just need to find out the real old charm by gathering pieces that make your heart smile after imagining.

Decorating with antique pieces really adds a sense of history and charm to a room.


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