Incredible Facts About Antarctica Most of Us Don’t Know About (Part I)

Here’s a list of a few incredible facts about Antarctica most of us don’t know about.

Antarctica is one of the seven continents on the earth that is located south pole of the southernmost part of the world. It’s virtually uninhabited and the whole continent is covered in ice and the temperature remains below zero degree celsius throughout the year which makes it impossible for human beings to habitat there.

  1. It’s Home to a Few Antarctic Animals. 

Though scientists from many countries stay here for research purposes for months, the Antarctic is an uninhabited place for humans but it has wildlife. 

Antarctica is covered with snow throughout the year without any form of vegetation with a temperature of zero degrees throughout the year. After the discovery of Antarctica, many countries have established research centers here but apart from the people working in these research centers, this continent is devoid of human beings because of obvious reasons.

But it does not mean that it’s a lifeless place as there are quite a few Antarctic animals who live here who have adapted themselves to live in the harsh conditions of this continent. Penguins are the most common life form and eight out of seventeen species of penguins can be found here. Other creatures who live here are seals, around 46 species of birds and whales that migrate south to Antarctica to breed and feed during Antarctic summer (October to March), albatross, bugs, etc.

  1. No Country Owns Antarctica 

Antarctica was discovered in 1819 and it’s the last continent to be discovered. No country owns this continent but many countries have established research centers here. 

Antarctica was discovered fairly recently in 1819 and before it, no one knew about its existence. Since its discovery, many explorers have visited here and in the modern era many countries have set up research centers here but no country on this continent. Many countries have attempted to claim this continent since its discovery citing their own reasons. In 1959, a treaty was created known as the Antarctic treaty which was signed by many countries and declared Antarctica “a natural reserve, devoted to peace and science” and no country can claim it.

  1. There are Volcanoes in Antarctica 

You will be surprised to know that Antarctica has volcanoes and two of these volcanoes are active. 

Scientists have discovered volcanoes in Antarctica, two of which are active volcanoes, and maybe more active volcanoes are yet to be discovered and breach the ice. The highest active volcano is Mount Erebus, situated on the Ross Ice Shelf in East Antarctica. The second one is located on Deception Island, one of the itineraries of cruise ships. Tourists can swim at Deception Island because of the somewhat warm waters caused by adjacent volcanic activity.

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