Incredible Facts About Antarctica Most of Us Don’t Know About (Part II)

In the postmodern era, many researchers, scientists, adventure seekers, and tourists visit here mostly during the Antarctic summer.

Antarctica is one of the most interesting and captivating places on the earth and it was first discovered in 1819 by a Russian expedition team which was followed by further exploration by French, American, and British expeditions.

  1. Antarctica had Forests with Tropical Climate Millions of Years Ago 

You will be amazed to know that Antarctica was not always the way it’s today. It was once lush and tropical. 

Seeing the snow-cladded continent of Antarctica, no one can imagine that it was not like this from the start. Scientists have found proof that Antarctica was full of forests with a large number of flora and fauna around 50 million years ago. Many fossils are found here which are millions of years old and these fossils are of animals and birds which could sustain only in the tropical climate.

  1. Antarctica Does Not Have a Time Zone 

One of the most interesting facts about this place is that unlike other places and countries of the world, there is no particular time zone here. 

Imagine a place where there is no time zone and you can decide the time and date according to your wish. It may sound a little bit weird, but Antarctica is a place that does not have a time zone of its own. Most of the scientists and researchers who stay here for months set the time according to the time zone of their native countries.

  1. Antarctica Contains the Largest Percentage of FreshWater on the Entire Earth 

Water covers around 71% of the total surface of the earth, most of which are oceans not suitable for drinking and only 3% of the water on earth is freshwater, most of which is in Antarctica. 

It’s a common fact that the earth is covered more by water as compared to land and most of the water is from oceans which is too salty to drink or to use for agricultural purposes. It’s estimated that only 3% of the total water on the earth is fresh and most of this 3% of water is in Antarctica. The Antarctic Ice Sheet is the single biggest mass of ice on the earth which is around four miles thick. Antarctica contains nearly 90% of the planet’s freshwater ice and about 70 % of the total freshwater on earth.

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