Incredible Ideas For Arranging An Eco-friendly Wedding

Plan a wedding to align with your eco-friendly values by cutting down the carbon footprint and mitigating waste generation.

Eco-friendly weddings do not necessarily have to compromise on decorations, location, gifts, and food. You can easily make your Big-Day a hit while saving the earth. Scroll through to learn about some incredible ideas for arranging a Go-Green wedding.

Choose E-invites or seed-paper invitation

Invite your guests with E-cards instead of using printed cards to save paper, and it will ease out on the cost as well. Seed paper invitations are also setting up a new trend. You could save the environment and stay trendy at the same time, by enabling your guests to grow a plant out of the seed-paper.

Pick an eco-friendly venue

Choose a venue for your wedding that largely emphasizes on practices that are environmentally friendly like, donating leftovers from the event to the needy and composting and recycling the waste. You can also opt for an outdoor venue to reduce the use of air conditioners and other electrical appliances.

Use recyclable or compostable dinnerware

Make use of compostable flatware and paper plates to serve food to the guests. If your chosen venue does not have composting and recycling bins, try to arrange for a few and install them around with a friendly reminder to guests.

Avoid rare flowers and opt for the locally available ones

Getting hundreds of kilos of a certain flower flown down from another country or city is not an eco-friendly decision. Your dream decoration for the wedding might be fuelled with lilies and carnations. However, these flowers may not be readily available everywhere, and you might purchase them at higher prices. So, avoid pushing up your costs by opting for locally available flowers.

Decorate with organic materials

Consider purchasing cloth napkins instead of choosing disposable paper napkins. You can opt for bamboo, linen, or organic cotton for environment-friendly fabric. Try to be plastic-free with the decoration. Considering a rustic theme with log slices or wood elements is a smart way of making your wedding more sustainable.

Extensive use of candle lights

Instead of lighting the entire event with electricity, you can make use of candles wherever possible to cut short on the consumption of energy. Candlelight offers a stunning romantic glow and is best suited for a wedding. Make effective use of LED lights that consume only 25% of energy, and add an aesthetic outlook.

If you are a nature lover, try opting for the aforementioned green ideas for your wedding day.

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