Published By: Orna Ghosh

India at the Global Stage: Analysing the Impact of Current Affairs on the Country's International Relations

Staying up-to-date with world news always helps us cope with everyday affairs. 

In recent years, India's status on the world stage has undergone significant changes, partly due to the influence of current events on the nation's international ties. India's role in the global arena has grown thanks to its thriving economy, expanding technological capability, and advantageous position. Examining how current events affect India's international relations might provide important insights into the country's evolving status.

  1. Economic reforms and their subsequent effects played a significant role in shaping India's international standing. As the fastest-growing major economy in the world, India has drawn significant foreign investment and established itself as a key participant in international trade. Economic links and alliances with countries like the US, EU, and Asian nations have become more powerful, fostering increased cooperation in fields like trade, technology transfer, and investment. Additionally, India's active participation in groups like the G20 and the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) has boosted its power and voice in discussions of international economic issues.
  2. The rise of protectionism and trade conflicts between powerful economies have impacted India's international relations. After some nations went inward, India attempted to look into new trade partnerships and diversify its export markets. Programs like "Make in India" sought to increase indigenous manufacturing and draw in international capital. India actively participates in discussions for regional trade agreements like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) to improve its economic connectedness in the Indo-Pacific region.
  3. India is not immune to the effects of climate change and sustainable development, which have become crucial concerns for the worldwide society. India, one of the top producers of greenhouse gases globally, is under pressure from internal and external sources to solve environmental issues. The nation has forged its international reputation as a responsible actor in the battle against climate change thanks to its investments in renewable energy, adoption of sustainable practices, and participation in international climate treaties.
  4. India's response to international crises and humanitarian difficulties has had an impact on its reputation abroad. India has gained respect and goodwill on the international scene by providing assistance and support during natural catastrophes and crisis circumstances. Additionally, India's participation in UN peacekeeping missions has improved perceptions of it as a responsible and valuable member of the world community.
In conclusion, there have been significant and varied impacts of current affairs on India's international relations. Overall, India's strong engagement in addressing global issues and supporting global initiatives has cemented its status as a significant participant in the constantly changing field of international relations.