Indian athletes who hustled their way to success

It is said that success is born out of struggle, and life of these sportspersons are living testament to that.

Perseverance and hard work can make impossible possible

Many legendary sportsperson’s life is living example that hard work and perseverance can make move the mountains and make you achieve the impossible. Many of these athletes came from very challenging and humble backgrounds. Their journey was filled with numerous sacrifices and trialsbut their sheer determination could not stop them in their endeavours. And as they say that fortune favours the bravest, they came out victorious and became legends in their fields. Here are some inspirational stories of Indian athletes who hustled their way to success.

Mary Kom, who broke the stereotypes and became the face of Indian boxing

Mary Kom, the name needs no introduction. She was the only female boxer to have qualified for the 2012 Olympics and brought back a bronze. She is also the only Indian boxer who has won eight world championship medals. She was born in a family of farmers who worked in jhum fields. She fought the shackles of patriarchy by taking up boxing despite the disapproval of her father. Furthermore, she lacked the funds for her training, but that didn’t stop her. She went on and became the face of boxing in India.

Devendra Jhajharia, nothing could stop him from making history

Devendra Jhajharia became a household name after winning two individual God Medal in Rio Paralympics. He is the first Indian to achieve this feat and that too at forty years of age and with one arm. Jhajharia tragically lost his on arm at the age of eight in an accident. The incident could have crumbled his spirits but it strengthened his determination. He stated on many occasions that he always felt that he could compete in his favourite sport, Javelin throw with one arm only.

KhashabaDadasaheb Jadhav

In the year 1948, a thin, short student went to his sports teacher in Raja Ram College at Kolhapur and expressed his desire to participate in wrestling in the upcoming sports meet. After sparing him a glance, the sports teacher jeered and exclaimed that he would not have such a weak player on his team. The young man then approached the principal, who gave him his chance and that was enough for KhashabaDadasaheb Jadhav to prove his mettle to everyone. This scrawny lad went on to win his first individual Olympic medal (bronze) in Helsinki Olympics.

So, which story inspired you the most?

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