Indian Cartoons of the 90s that Made our Childhood Awesome

Let the child in you live a little and revisit the past with a smile

Life as a child in the 90s was super awesome. With no digital interference and a hoard of animated narrations, often a work of fiction and often right out of books led the child to run loose with their innocent imagination. It was the world to behold and always remember with a smile.

In just a jacket and loose white pants roaming around on a carpet, Aladdin’s adventures with Genie, parrot Lago and monkey Abu were the highlights of the 90s kid. His love interest the beautiful princess Jasmine made this cartoon fun.

Duck Tales
Scrooge McDuck or Uncle Scrooge was the best walking and talking duck in the history of cartoon characters. His love for gold ‘soona’ and money took him to places, along with his nephews Louie, Huey and Dewey who always fought the Beagle Boys.

The Flintstones
Set in the stone-age, from costumes to the cars used and the dinosaur as a pet, the cartoon was at par excellence. The coolest vehicles and caves, made the child in us imagine living a life like that.

The name Baloo in itself is so distinct. It had characters adapted from the 1967 The Jungle Book and gave them a world of their own. The adventures of pilot Baloo the bear and his team helping him run his air cargo freight business ‘Baloo’s Air Service’ was a ride.

A simple world of penguins that live, eat, have fun, speak Penguinese and live in Igloos. Narrated through Pingu who finds himself in troublesome situations every time but at the end always learns a lesson. The highlight was no real dialogue.

Jungle Book
An adaption of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, it is better known as Mowgli and still feels fresh. It showed us Mowgli growing up with a pack of wolves while having fun with Baloo and training with Bagheera.

Dexter’s Laboratory
Dee Dee and Dexter were so relatable in the 90s that every sibling related to it. The genius boy, his bully sister Dee Dee and the massive underground laboratory gave children a thrill of imagination.

This cartoon put green vegetables – spinach – in a good light. Popeye was a hit every time Popeye gulped down a can of spinach and popped up on his muscles. This made every child jump with wonder.

The Powerpuff Girls
It was the result of a chemical accident that we had three super girls coming to life. A complete girly cartoon that taught us about feminism had a massive male following as well.  Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom faced warriors and even fought Mojo-Jojo the monkey.

Since stuck at home, watch these cartoons and relive your childhood, even for a minute. Let it sink in, close your eyes and revisit your childhood.

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