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Indian children’s author Mulk Raj Anand’s must-read books

A writer from the time of a bygone era, these stories are mesmerising

A prolific writer in English from India, Mulk Raj Anand was widely known for bringing to the fore the reality, that of depicting the lives of the poorer castes in traditional Indian society, through words. The author was considered to be one of the pioneers of Indo-Anglian fiction. Coming from the league of progressive writers, Anand gained popularity internationally for his work. His novels and short stories went on to gain the status of classic modern Indian English literature. His work was specifically noted for its perceptive insight that it had into the lives of the oppressed in society. Here are some must-read Mulk Raj Anand books.


This novel was first published in 1936 and was a big step in reinforcing Mulk Raj Anand’s literary skills during the British Raj. This novel came at a time of British rule and was very critical of their rule in India and our nation’s caste system. The plot of the book revolves around a 14-year-old boy, Munoo. The book through Munoo shows his plight due to poverty and exploitation that is highly aided by the social and political structures in place. Through his words and images, the author has tried to break the traditional way of life.

The Private Life of an Indian Prince

This novel was first published in 1953 and is yet another name in the list of books by the author that can be classified as one of his most impressive and important works. Just like the subject and theme of his other works dealing with social and political reform, The Private Life of an Indian Prince as the title suggests deals with the abolition of the system of the princely state’s in India.

The Sword and the Sickle

This novel was first published in 1942 and deals with the topic of social and political structures, specifically, the rise of Communism. The book is the final part of the trilogy that included The Village and Across the Black Waters.

Other novels by Mulk Raj Anand are Two Leaves and a Bud, The Village, The Big Heart, The Lost Child, Seven Summers A Memoir, The Old Woman and the Cow, The Road, and The Death of a Hero. Some short story collections are The Lost Child and Other Stories, The Barber’s Trade Union and Other Stories, The Tractor and the Corn Goddess and Other Stories, Reflections on the Golden Bed and Other Stories, The Power of Darkness and Other Stories, Lajwanti and Other Stories, Between Tears and Laughter, Indian Fairy Tales, and More Indian Fairy Tales.

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