India’s Best Rafting Destinations

Your handy list for offbeat and touristy rafting destinations

While mapping for the next rafting rendezvous, check out these five infamous rafting routes teeming with rapids, nature and fun

Ganges, Rishikesh: Rishikesh pulls rafter from across the globe and reasons galore! Set in the foothills of Himalayas, rafters are offered a beautiful view of the mountains glimmering in the sunlight. Further, the rapids in the water have eccentric names, and aptly so. On your rafting routes, you will cascade through whirlpools of adventure at Marine Drive, Bramhapuri and Byasi. The turns and curves are icing on top. Deslish, local cuisine is here to soothe your body for the next ride. After a thrilling rafting session, camp under the open, blue sky and let the stars lull you to sleep.

Yamuna, Uttarakhand: Rafting from Yamuna Bridge to Juddo is a personalised and satiating experience for both skilled and amateurs. High engagement with the rafts owing to the swelling of water is what makes Yamuna appealing. September-June is considered the rafting season here. Take a plunge with cliff jumping too while you are at it.

Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh: As you travel deep inside the slumbering villages to reach Kameng, your senses are already enhanced to consume the upcoming hustle in all its delight. Hop on the boat for a few easy rapids and witness the slow escalation to bone-chilling grade IV rapids. Rising above the exuberant waters is the calming, green rainforests of Arunachal Pradesh. As you make your way through the gorges listening to the chirping birds, you will be indulging in one of the soul-soothing and offbeat rafting experiences in the world.

Indus, Leh Ladakh: Colloquially known as Singhe Khababs which translates into “out of lion’s mouth,” Indus originates in Tibet and rushes from June to late August. The river cuts through canyons to trigger the wild craze within you that rafting should offer. You will have numerous routes to choose from, such as the Kharu-Spituk which has rapids suitable for beginners. Phey-Saspol route, on the other hand, is famous for the scenic beauty it offers.

Kundalika, Maharashtra: Kundalika offers the ultimate adrenaline pumping experience as you tiptoe your way into the river mysteriously set in the forests below Mulshi. Monsoon (June-March) is ideal for white water rafting her as the Kundalika flows in all its majestic force offering an exhilarating session for the travellers. Nonetheless, the river is open to adventure seekers round the year. Since the dams and series of hydroelectric projects always feed the river, water-sporting will never be quite calm in Kundalika.

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