India’s groundbreaking medical contributions to the world

Did you know India has made brilliant contributions to the world of medicine like surgery, Ayurveda and many more? Scroll below to know more.

Apart from producing huge numbers of doctors, India has made its name in the world of medicine through its significant contributions in historian times. So, today we give you a list of top 5 medical contributions that will leave you in awe of your country.

  1. Ayurveda

An ancient form of medicine dating back to Iron Age India, Ayurveda, also called the science of longevity, laid the foundation for modern medicine. The traditional medicine is based on herbs, and herbal compounds and the first Ayurvedic compilation is credited to Charaka Samhita. He treated people for several diseases and was also the first physician to construct theories on immunity, digestion, and metabolism.

  1. Siddha

As Ayurveda started making its mark in the northern parts of India, some of the herbs were not found in the southern side. Thus, the Siddha saints took matters in their own hands and invented treatments called ‘Siddha Medicine’. These medicines are made using spices, fruits, minerals, chemical products, and metals.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a technique used to develop a strong relationship between the body, mind, and soul. This method of exercise was the first form of work out that we humans got introduced to and it took its birth in India. Yoga is being practised by many people recently due to their enormous health benefits, including physical and mental well-being.

  1. Plastic surgery

In today’s time, plastic surgery is used to improve the aesthetic appearance. However, India has been carrying out plastic surgery since 2000 BC. During those days, skin from other body parts was used to improve deformities of the ears and noses. An interesting fact is that the tools and instruments used in those days are currently being manufactured.

  1. Surgery

The ‘Father of Surgery’, Susruta was a pioneer in performing surgery and wrote a book called Susruta Samhita. From bones and tissues to other organs, the book describes more than 300 surgical procedures along with almost 120 surgical instruments invented by him. Additionally, it also has steps written to treat different diseases and their symptoms. His work reached European countries after being translated in the Arab countries.

How many of the above medical contributions were you aware of?

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