India’s Top Five Stand-up Comedians: Whose Comedy Skills Exhilarate People Most

The amazing comedians from india

One of the things we should always add to our daily life is ‘Comedy’. Life without humour and comedy is as difficult as it is colourless. So besides work, people should always keep comedy-related content on their list. There are plenty of stand up comedians in India who are famous for their humorous nature and content. Let’s know about the top 5

Abhishek Upmanyu

He is one of the best Indian stand-up comedians. Despite being a chemical engineering student, he dreamed of becoming a successful stand-up comedian. After completing his graduation, he worked under some private companies, but later he left that job to pursue his dream. In 2015 he published himself as a writer and the following year he uploaded a video about ‘Indian Insults and Comebacks’ on his YouTube channel and it reached people very fast. His two comedy shows have become very popular. Those two topics are ‘Thoda Saaf Bol’ and ‘Jealousy of Sabjiwala’. He is currently joining various international platforms.

Varun Grover

He was born in Himachal Pradesh and belonged to a Punjabi family. He is a successful stand-up comedian on the one hand and a successful screenwriter on the other. He is the scriptwriter of the movie ‘Masaan’ and the author of the popular song ‘Moh Moh Ke Dhaage’. ‘Aisi Taisi Democracy’, a very popular musical comedy show, which he started. Although he is sometimes threatened for his comedy content, topics, etc., he will remain at the peak of his lifelong popularity.

Jaspreet Singh

He was born in Punjab and studied computer science. But since comedy is more his favourite than technology, he entered this career. He successfully introduced himself with his popular stand up comedies on YouTube. ‘Ghar Ki Talaash’, is one of his best that everyone should see.

Kunal Kamra

This great stand up comedian does not need to give a separate introduction because he is so popular. Although he is controversial in various aspects of politics, his comedy technique is different from everyone else. He played the role of Arnab Goswami at the platform named ‘IndiGo’ which was of a very advanced level but for that, he had to be banned for a while. Moreover, all his other comedy concepts have gone viral.

Zakir Khan

He is a well-known stand-up comedian on YouTube with about 6 million subscribers and he made his debut in 2012 by winning a stand-up comedy competition. His best topics slowly increased his popularity among the people.

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