Published By: Sohini

Ingredient in focus: Explore the benefits of using rice water

Something that was once considered trash is now considered a treasure, owing to the most sought-after Korean glass skin.

Rice water, or the water that remains after cooking rice, has long been regarded to create stronger, more beautiful hair. But now, rice water has also gained popularity in treating skin. It is supposed to soothe and tone your skin, as well as improve various skin disorders. Even better, rice water is now something you can easily create at home without spending a bomb. Here are some benefits of using rice water for your skin.

Skin lightening

Rice water for the skin is a good skin-lightening agent due to its high antioxidant content. When applied regularly, it not only brightens but also fades dark patches and pigmentation. Rice water has been used for whitening and lightening by Korean women for centuries. Many websites advise utilizing rice water to decrease black spots on the skin and lighten it. In reality, rice water is found in many commercial goods, including toners, soaps and creams. Some people swear by rice water's skin-lightening properties. While some of the compounds in it are recognised to lighten pigment, others are not.

Treats dry skin

Rice water has been shown to alleviate skin irritation caused by sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a common ingredient in personal care products. According to anecdotal evidence, utilizing rice water twice a day heals skin that has been dehydrated and damaged by SLS.

Anti-ageing elixir

This is why it is impossible to identify the true age of a Korean woman! Rice water has ‘time-turning’ characteristics that blur away premature symptoms of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines and can even delay their development by years.

Prevents acne and inflammation

Acne is commonly associated with skin inflammation, redness and rashes all of which require only one component - rice water. Rice water, due to its high starch content, is a powerful natural astringent that cleanses pores, controls sebum production, kills acne-causing bacteria and significantly lowers the occurrence of acne. Many people report that applying rice water topically to the skin will calm it, clear up blemishes caused by skin disorders such as eczema and help it heal.

Shrinks pores

One thing you will notice after a few weeks of utilizing rice water is that your pores appear noticeably smaller. Its deep cleansing properties can sweep away dirt and pollutants trapped in pores, making them appear much smaller.

Now treat your skin pigmentation, rashes, acne and other issues at home itself without spending huge amounts on products.