Ingredients you Should Never Use in Your DIY Skincare

Homemade skincare is gaining a lot of popularity amongst men and women worldwide. Let’s learn about the ingredients that you should keep away from your DIY skincare routine.

Homemade skincare may come in cheap and handy but small mistakes in it can lead to disastrous effects. Many ingredients in your pantry are excellent for your skin but there are several others which are particularly harmful. It is best to not follow every DIY tip blindly when it comes to your skin. Read on to know more about the ingredients that dermatologists have suggested to never put in your homemade skincare.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is touted by several DIY skincare experts as an ingredient that can eliminate excess bacteria from the skin of people with oily skin. Since alcohol is known to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces, it was considered to be safe for use on your skin as well. However, dermatologists believe that using isopropyl alcohol as toner can strip your skin of essential oils, leading your skin to overproduce oil and enable more breakouts.

Citric Acid

Citric acid, naturally found in things like lime juice and lemon, has long been used to even out skin texture. However, dermatologists have warned users against use of citric acid directly from the source. They believe that being exposed to the sun after using DIY skincare masks containing lime or lemons can lead to chemical burns. Since these ingredients are acidic in nature, they can even lead to hyperpigmentation and disruption of the skin’s natural pH balance.


Toothpaste is being used by many as a treatment for pimples. People apply it on their breakouts to dry it but it can actually lead to redness, peeling and itchiness that occur due to drying ingredients in it like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. According to dermatologists, toothpaste is made to fight bacteria and germs in your mouth and not your skin.

Salt and Sugar

Using a mixture of salt and sugar to exfoliate the skin is one routine that dermatologists don’t recommend. They believe that crystallised sugar and salt when rubbed against the skin, can cause small tears that can become infected. It is always better to use a gentle method to exfoliate skin like soap and washcloth.

Your pantry or home is a storehouse of ingredients but always be very careful about what you apply to your skin. Always consult a dermatologist or use dermatologist-approved ingredients before embarking on a new skincare regimen.

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