Innovative Driverless Vehicles In The Modern World

The development of AV technology and how it will shape transportation system in the near future.

The biggest disruptor in the automotive industry in the past century is Autonomous vehicles. While some say the AV is just around the corner, the accord at level 5 is realistically a long way to go. Companies like Wayamo, general Motors, Uber, and Baidu invest billions of dollars in promoting AV technology to stake a claim on the market. About 60 cities have globally hosted pilot programs for AV testing. Here is all you need to know about the development of AV technology in the modern world.

AVs In The Short Term-

The bulk of the market has laid their eyes on the long term promise of low cost and ensured the AVs’ safety. Meantime, the technology is likely to be based on shuttle service, ride-sharing, goods transferring and driverless rides.

Deliveries And Transportation Of Goods-

Rio Tinto has an autonomous haul of trucks at Pilbara iron ore mines in Western Australia that could work additional 10000 hours than manually operated trucks. The company aspired to expand the fleets to over 50% in the next three years.

Shuttle Rides-

General Motors have announced plans for shared autonomous vehicles available from the year 2019. SAVs will be more in budged than driven cars and allow passengers to travel at half the cost. The increase of mobility to 25% of the population includes children, aged and people with a physical disability who will be able to travel without inconvenience.

The Long Term Outlook On AVs-

The transportation marketing manager of ride-sharing company Lyft, John Walker, estimates Level 4 of 5 autonomy will be prevalent in a decade from now. Establishing level 5 labs to design the AV specifically for share rides, partnership with Waymo, nuTonomy, Drive Ai and Jaguar Land Rover. There is a chance that Lyft riders will be picked up by an AV shortly.

The senior vice president of Volvo, Henrik Green, says 10 years is a bit too far. He revealed the next-generation Volvo XC90 that aims to hit the market in 2021. He will be able to transport sleeping passengers to their destination with full comfort.

The high automation suite is called the Highway Assist that is an extension of Pilot Assist Features offered on current models.

By enhancing AV technology’s progress, Solid-state LiDAR company, Quanergy recently sought revolutionary tech at Connected & Autonomous Vehicles 2018. It is both discreet and inexpensive. Although the company’s goal is to diminish LiDAR sensor technology to chip size, the current prototype is approximately double the deck of cards.

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