Inside the Imperial Doors: What It Takes To Be A True Blue Princess?

This story gives a glimpse about the lesser-known side of royal women and their life marked by strict ethics and code of conducts. 

When a princess comes out in public, she becomes the centre of attention. She possesses everything a girl desires – an extensive designer wardrobe, a luxurious palace with a dedicated staff, state dinners, ballroom parties, and an enviable collection of jewellery and tiaras.

However, one thing that our generation has learnt from Mia Thermopolis (The Princess Diaries) is that being a princess may look glamorous, but her life is far less than easy. A princess has a lot of hard work to do besides looking beautiful, prim and proper. She acts as a representative of her country and cannot afford to leave a single room for error because the media and the public could be very hard on her in case of any slip in adhering to the royal protocols.

WB Yeats aptly penned his thoughts on being a lady with the lines, ‘that we must labour to be beautiful’ in ‘Adam’s Curse’. This ‘labour’ is done behind the closed doors of royalty to ensure that the royalty should look impeccable. Therefore a princess needs to abide by some ridiculously strict rules.

  • A royal princess is not allowed to sign autographs. Any senior member of the royal family is not supposed to give autographs to avoid the possibility of their handwriting being forged and used against them.
  • A princess could not take up regular nine to five jobs because her work is a lot more demanding. A princess has to attend openings, inaugurations, support charities and perform other royal duties which come as a part of her royal title.
  • If you are a princess, you cannot vote. The royal family likes to stay neutral in their stance towards the politics of the country. The monarchy stands for everyone equally and doesn’t intend to be partial to people. That’s is what we call diplomacy.
  • If you are to be a princess and a part of the royal family, you shall have to part with your social media accounts. The royal family is very particular about giving out balanced information barring any irrelevant and unnecessary details of their personal lives. So, their official social media accounts are handled by the royal press. It’s a pity that you can’t make your peer jealous of your best photographs. But hey! You are a princess; you need to be private.
  • Princess these days try to learn as many languages as possible. This knowledge comes handy while meeting diplomats from different countries. Speaking in their native tongue works as an ice breaker and forms a positive impression on the dignitary.

Princesses, therefore are not born flawless, they learn to become an epitome of grace and perfection with time. And in turn, win our hearts with their excellent etiquettes.

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