Inspiring rags to riches stories of famous personalities

Hardships and struggles are temporary till you fight the odds and reach the zenith of success!

Some of the renowned personalities today have made their own path towards success, but they actually came from nowhere, if you look back at their history. These personalities and their life stories from rags to riches are truly inspiring and show that self-belief, and dedication can lead to a position beyond anyone’s imagination. Read the stories of some of your famous personalities below!

Leonardo DiCaprio

A famous name of Hollywood, was once a poor kid of a drug-torn town. He claimed to have been a victim of poverty and violence from a young age, who after sheer dedication has reached where he is today. You’ll mostly see in his movies a portrayal of the darker side of life. Today his net worth is nearly $245 million.

Ed Sheeran

Currently holding a big name in the Hollywood music industry, Ed led a life sleeping at subway stations. He struggled as an artist to turn his rags into riches. He was even dropped from school, when he started performing on the streets of London, spending sleepless nights at train stations. Now, as we all know, Ed’s music is sold insanely across the globe.


Once spending each day as a conductor, and even trying out different jobs such as of a coolie and carpenter, today Rajnikanth is one the greatest superstars of India. During his conductor days, he came across an add on acting class when he finally decided to join, and the rest is now in front of our eyes.

A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Former president of India, Dr. Kalam, sold newspapers in his earlier days to support his family. The iconic “missile man” went on to become the President of India,  and became an inspiration to the young minds of the country. His story from rags to riches is one of the most influential ones that reflects the power of struggle and dedication.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before he was the famous Terminator for all of us, this personality had undergone days of hunger and riots during the post-World War 2 situation. Living such a dreadful life in his younger days, the actor plus Governor of California has a network of around $400 million.

Shah Rukh Khan

Literally this man started from being a nobody, to being the biggest superstar of Bollywood, and probably one of the famous personalities across the globe. He came to Bombay (now Mumbai), with only a few bucks, staying at a mediocre hotel, from where he started his real struggle. His passion, dedication and self-belief has made him earn the title King of Bollywood.

Keep dreaming, your name could come in this list too!

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