Inspiring stories of people who switched their careers after 50 and thrived.

It is never too late to start!

You see a ten-year-old singer or a YouTuber making millions at a tender age. Then there are entrepreneurs who find success at the age of 25 or less. Inspiring, isn’t it? But when we cross a certain age, let’s say 50, we are told that we have lived our prime and now is not the time to fulfilled our dreams and passions. But there are many examples across the world that prove that age is just a number and there is no age to begin. Here are some of the inspiring tales of people who switched their careers after 50 and thrived.

Colonel Sanders.

The first name in this list should go to Colonel Sanders. The man who made KFCa household name. Colonel Sanders’s life is proof that will and determination can take you places, no matter how late you are to the party. It is said Colonel Sanders was a jack of all trades and did all types of the job till he was 50, like being a fireman, farmer, streetcar conductor. He, at last, started perfecting a recipe, and the famous KFC was born. He toured with his creation and sold them all across the U.S, and opened many franchises. So, when he finally sold KFC in the year 1964 in two million with almost 900 franchises all over America.

 Julia Child.

Julia Child is credited for bringing gourmet French cuisine intoour houses. Her jovial and full of life attitude resonated with American audiences. She was a cushioned wife of a diplomat, and while her husband was posted in France, she fell in love with French cuisine. To learn the intricacies of French cuisine, she enrolled in the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. Then 1961, she published, Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume I, which is still considered a classic. She was 49 when she debuted in her iconic television show “The French Chef”.

Taikichiro Mori.

When Mori retired at the age of 55 as an Economic professor, everyone considered that the end of professional life for him. But he started as a real estate investor in the year 1959. After few years, he was literally ruling the roost of Japan’s real estate boom. He passed away in the year 1993, he left a net worth of thirteen billion.

So, what is stopping you now? There is no age to start and if there is something you wanted to achieve, today is the day to do so.

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