Instagram account every woman should follow

Woman, knock off that stress and follow these uplifting accounts that will make your day

Amidst the negativity and bullying on social media against women, there is a section that aims only at empowering and uplifting women across countries, shape, size and colour. Spreading positive care, self-love, and self-worth, there are various Instagram accounts that woman, today need to follow for a daily confidence boost.

Female collective Promoting self-care reminders and inspirational quotes on self-love, growth, and mental health, @femalecollective was founded by activist Candace Reels. The account aims to celebrate, uplift, support, and empower women, leaving no one behind

Rupi Kaur New York Times best-selling author and illustrator, @rupikaur’s page caters to a variety of themes like love, loss, trauma, healing, femininity, migration, and revolution. Her poetry accompanied by minimalist illustrations is empowering and highly relatable. Each of her posts sends out a positive message of self-love, growth, and self-pride.

Gurls Talk Founded by model Adwoa Aboah, @gurlstalk  this page is for women of all ages. Aboah has made this a safe space for women to share their stories without any judgment. Girls, women are encouraged to speak on any topic and in return are provided with the utmost female support system.

Haley Weaver With her page @haleydrewthis, this illustrator draws some brutally honest and often a mirror to society on how they treat a woman. Mostly hilarious and truthful, her simple illustrations will make you laugh out loud. Also highlights issues of anxiety, dating problems, and lack of self-confidence that connects with her audience.

Girl Boss When talking about female empowerment on social media, it is impossible to not include @girlboss. True to its name, this page celebrates powerful and influential women from various walks of life. From hilarious memes and poignant quotes, it strikes a perfect balance between both serious and light-hearted content.

Makers Women @makerswomen account on Instagram tells real-life stories of female change-makers, both insightful and relatable, sharing film snippets, interview clips, inspiring quotes, and funny memes. The only aim is to ignite your inner potential.

Recipes For Self-love Another illustration based account on Instagram by artist Alison Rachel promotes self-love from a female perspective. Not only the drawings showcase the female psyche, but it also celebrates diversity. From body confidence to not be ashamed, the artist has covered every possible topic related to women.

Following these inspiring Instagram accounts will give you the ‘pick-me-up’ vibes you need to feel empowered and ready to slay the day. Go, girl!