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Interesting and fun facts about Cactus, you must know.

When you think about weird plant species, cactus automatically comes into your mind.

Many people consider cactus as essential home décor material. You will be surprised to know that cactus can live up to 200-300 years. There are so many interesting facts about the cactus. Go through this article to know more.

Meaning of cactus:

The name “Cactus” comes from the Greek word“Kaktos”, which means “prickly plant of Sicily”. The Greek people tend to refer to plants with spines as Kaktos. However, the origin of the plant is still controversial.

There are vast varieties of cactus plants:

You will be astonished to know that the variety of cactus plants is extremely large. They can be the smallest or even tallest. They can be as small as one inch or as big as 60 feet.The tallest cactus in this worldis the Mexican giant Cardon (or Pachycereus pringlei).

Cactus plant growth rate is extremely slow:

The growth rate of cactus is extremely lower than any other plant species. Widely famoussaguaro cacti grow at a rate of 1 inch for 10 years. The growth rate is more or less similar for other species of cactus.

The stems are swollen due to water storage:

Cactus inhabits in the desert region. So, they get a very small amount of water daily. During the rainy season or water supply, cactus stores water in their stem region. That’s why the cactus has a swollen stem.

The flowers of the cactus are extremely beautiful:

All the species of cactus grow flowers. However, proper flower formation can be seen in very few varieties. It takes many years for flower growth, sometimes it takes more than decades under proper environmental conditions.

Cactus possess extreme survival power:

Cactus can be grown in any environment. They can survive in extremely cold or hot climates. They contain a high amount of water inside, so they can survive when there is a lack of watering. You can keep them at any place in your house. They can die when exposed to freezing temperatures for a significant amount of time.

Needles are survival mechanism for cactus:

Cactus was originally grown in desert areas. The deserts are characterized by a lack of water. The needles are evolutionary structures to prevent water loss. another reason for the development of needles is protection from foraging animals. Otherwise, animals will eat them to extinction. Cactus don’t have leaves, they only bear various types of spines.

Ants are considered as soldiers of cactus plant:

In the dry environment of the desert, small animals and insects tend to visit every available plant species. The spines keep away the large animals. However, small animals also need to be stopped. Ants help in protecting cactus from small animals. Cactus produces a special type of nectar that attracts ants. Eventually, those ants help in keeping away the attack of critters like mealybugs.

Aren’t those facts about the cactus plant interesting?

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