Interesting facts about Atlanta

The New York of the South has its many attractions.

Atlanta, located in the state of Georgia, is known as City in a Forest, New York of the South. The city heralded with Hollywood of South, home to Coca Cola, boasts of a rich musical heritage and hundreds of streets named Peachtree. Even the history of Atlanta is impressive. The city is the birthplace of Matin Luther king and a major centre for the Civil Rights Movement. The soaring skyscrapers, world’s largest drive-by, mecca for shoppers in Buckhead, Atlanta has its many delights.

Here are some interesting facts about Atlanta.

Atlanta is known as City in the Forest owing to the fact that there are over 100,000 shade trees planted as a part of ‘Trees Atlanta. The city also prides itself of being the most heavily forested urban area in the country. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

The world’s most beloved soda Coca Cola was invented and produced right in Atlanta. Visitors can also visit World of Coca Cola near Centennial Olympic Park to sample different Coke from different part of the world.

The largest Hindu temple outside of India is in Atlanta.

There are 71 streets in the city with names that are variations of the word Peachtree. Historians believe that peachtree was a variation of pitch tree, which meant native pine trees.

Music heritage is rich in Atlanta. Music gurus like Childish Gambino, CeeLo, Waka Flocka, Ludacris, Outkast all call Atlanta their home.

Atlanta was the only city that was destroyed as an act of War. Only 400 buildings survived. Today, Atlanta is a major urban hub. Symbolically, the sign for the city is a phoenix.

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world.

The fastest baseball game was played in Atlanta when Mobile Sea Gulls beat Atlanta Crackers. The match lasted only 32 minutes.

Also known as the Hollywood of the South. They rank third in the country for movie production. Big projects like Avengers, Black Panther, Spider Man, The Walking Dead, Insurgents are only few of the movies that have been produced there. Because of lower tax policies, Atlanta ranks first in growth.

Atlanta has professional sports team of most major sports. The city is home to Falcons, Braves, Hawks, United FC, Rugby ATL and other professional sports team.

Dragon Con is Atlanta’s weekend of pop culture convention. It happens on the Labor Day weekend when thousands of pop culture enthusiasts, cosplayers, video gamers, fantasy writers come together to celebrate.

Atlanta also celebrates music. Over a weekend in September, at Piedmont Park, outdoor music festival that features major artists from all over the world over varied genres.


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