Interesting facts about Holy Trinity Column, the smallest world heritage site.

Highly enriched sculptural decoration with brilliant artistic skill represents the Holy Trinity Column.

The Holy Trinity Column, located in Olomouc is also known as the “Olomouc Baroque”.This monument is approximately 115 feet tall. This is crowned by a magnificent gilded copper sculpture of the Holy Trinity, which comprised the God, Jesus along with the Holy Spirit, represented as a flying dove. This is accompanied bythe Assumption of the Virgin in the lower portion, above which lies the Archangel Gabriel.The Holy Trinity Column is the smallest UNESCO world heritage site. Go through this article to know more about this beautiful monument.

Holy Trinity Column was built in the eighteenth century:

In European countries, the revolution in architecture started in the seventeenth century. Holy Trinity Column is one example of this revolutionary architecture. This was built between 1716-1754. It is located in the Czech Republic. The style of architecture is known as “Baroque”.

Holy Trinity Column represents gratitude and humanity:

This spectacular monument was built to celebrate the Catholic Church and faith in humanity. A few years ago (1714-16), the plague became endemic in European countries, killing many people. Out of gratitude, artists tried to dedicate something to humanity. It also presents a sense of patriotism as most artists belong to the Czech Republic.

Holy Trinity Column has seen the deaths of the main artists involved during its creation:

Strangely enough, Holy Trinity Column is associated with the sudden deaths of main artists. During earlier days of creation, Wenzel Render died. He was the person who came up with the idea of building this monument. He started designing the monument and helped with initial funding. Shockingly, his followers also died after some time. Some of his followers were Johann Wenzel Rokický,Franz Thoneckand Augustin Scholtz. They were closely associated with the building process. However, another craftsman, Johann Ignaz Rokický took up the challenge of completing this divinely-inspired monument. However, the series of deaths continued after the completion of the monument.Phillip Sattler started the sculptural decoration of the Trinity Column, he also died suddenly.Then, Andreas Zahnercompleted 18 sculptures along with nine reliefs within 7 years. He also died after that.

The structure of the Holy Trinity Column is indescribably beautiful:

The monumentality and height of this monument attract visitors at the first sight. It can assume the volume of the base as it holdsa small chapel hidden in its bowels. The monument is broader at its base. There are three levels in its base. It has eighteen stone sculptures of saints. The 14 reliefs enhance the ornamental frame. The 3 reliefs in the upper tier represent Hope, Faith, and Love.

So, you must keep this monument on your bucket list, if you are interested in exploring world heritage sites.

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