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Interesting facts about hydroponics

When there is a shortage of area to plant a garden, hydroponics is the best substitute.

Hydroponics, the emerging method of gardening has laid the platform for planting trees of your choice even without any soil. The term “hydroponics” is derived from the latin words “hydro” and “ponos” which mean water and labor respectively. Etymology-wise, it is the science of planting and growing plants in a nutrient-enriched wet environment without soil. If you are residing in a metropolitan area where land area is not sufficient for gardening, then you can try hydroponics. Before that, know some interesting facts about hydroponics.

The hydroponics method requires no soil for cultivation. Yes, you heard it right. Only water, oxygen, and some nutrients are required for the growth of the plants.

The plant growth is faster in the hydroponics system. Compared to the other methods involving soil, the nutritions are directly delivered to the plant in this system. With a sufficient supply of required elements, the plants’ growth is enhanced by 30-60%.

No problem with weeding in hydroponics. When you grow plants in soil, weed is a constant problem for gardeners. But hydroponics system is devoid of weed removal. Only providing proper nutrition for plants is required.

The hydroponics system requires sufficient electricity. Apart from water and nutrition, a continuous electricity supply is also needed. It is required for proper water pumping and nutrient supply. When the electricity is disrupted or not checked, it may hamper plant growth.

The quality of water supplied is important for hydroponics. As the foundation lies on the water, along with quantity, quality is also an important parameter for the survival of plants. Hard water is the enemy of plant growth. Proper water with TDS and pH value should be supplied always. It’s better to keep a pH meter to check the value of water before application.

You can control the plant growth on your own. It is the major benefit of hydroponics. The micro and macronutrient content can be monitored directly by concentrating or diluting the water. The standardized concentration of nutrients can be supplied. Even you can check the toxicity level of the water. The basic parameters of plant growth, i.e., temperature, oxygen, humidity can be regulated on a daily basis. Regular monitoring is required for the perfect growth of plants.

Hydroponics helps you in growing plants throughout the year. Due to certain limitations like soil, light concentration, season, many plants cannot be grown throughout the year. Hydroponics provides you with the solution to this problem. You can harvest your favorite fruits and vegetables all year round.

The plants grown in hydroponics are much healthier. In the soil environment, you have to worry about pesticides, but there is no need to worry about pesticides and fungicide application in hydroponics. Due to this, the plants are healthier compared to others.

If you are a passionate gardener, you can definitely try hydroponics.

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