Interesting facts about India’s own Olympics event

Although felt surprising, India conducts its Olympics event every year.

Olympics, one of the longest-running sports events in the history of games has attracted people around every corner. When comes to celebrating sports like festivals, Indians are always upfront. Ever imagined a tractor running over a person without breaking any of his bones? Can you use Adam’s apple in any sports event? Well, you have to explore the Qila Raipur Sports event. Punjab, the northwestern state of India celebrates rural sports events like the Olympics. This was planned to celebrate the traditional sports events of India at least once a year. Let’s fetch some really interesting facts about Indian Olympics.

Inderjeet Singh Grewal, the then famous philanthropist, initially planned to observe a festival for recreational activities and gather people from different cultural backgrounds to celebrate unity. As this idea was accepted by some of his friends, they thought of converting it into a competitive sports event.In the initial years, it was meant for the farmers to demonstrate their strength, agility, and stamina. Along with the foundation of this annual sports event, the Grewal family formed the “Grewal Sports Association” to support the traditional sports of India. Even today, the Grewal family is the proud bearer of long-lasting heritage. The first event was conducted in 1933.

From the beginning, it was observed in the outskirts of Ludhiana and named as “QilaRajpur Festival”. Every year, this event is conducted in February in Qila Raipur village sports ground.

This is a four-day celebration of Indian rural culture with traditional sports events.Nearly 5000 people take part in this grand event every year.

The events include sports like horseback acrobatics, horse racing, various demonstration of strengths like pulling vehicles (lorry, taxi, etc.) with hair, ear, and teeth, and so on. But the spectators wait eagerly for the bullock cart race which did not take place this year due to pandemic restrictions and supreme court orders.Kabbadi, hockey, and tug of war are other exciting events of this festival.

Apart from sports, some other forms of recreational activities take place every year. Young women from Punjab perform in Trinjen, a traditional form of entertainment by singing and dancing in Punjabi folk songs.

There are numerous grand sports events in India celebrated every year. But Qila Raipur Rural festival is different from all. The theme of this sport event lies in enthusiasm towards traditional sports and the importance of farmers to society. Extremely passionate sportspersons participate every year to celebrate the festival of the rural culture of India.

In the time, when we forget our grand old tradition, these people try to celebrate their past glory. Any praise is small for them. Long live the old tradition, long live the Indian Olympics. You should try to visit the place in February to experience this highly exciting festival.

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