Interesting facts about Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun

From its citizens having a longer life to its wholesale fish markets, check out some fun facts about Japan.

It is a widely accepted fact that the tag of the world’s most technologically advanced country would go to none other than Japan. The responsible factors behind this would include their prosperous economy, low crime rates, and hard-working population. God has also loaded this small country with huge natural beauty and spectacular landscapes. Japanese culture also has some unique facts and they are also known for their friendly nature.

Japanese people have longer lives than others

Japan has so many things to cheer about. One of them is the life expectancy of its population. Their average life is around 83 years which is one of the world’s highest expectancies. Therefore, Okinawa, the land in Japan, is called the “land of immortals” as it is loaded with a population of aged people. Scientists have struggled and are still struggling to find the secret of their long lifespan. Nowadays it is believed that their lifestyle and diet could have some influence in this regard.

The world’s shortest anthem belongs to Japan

Four lines’ national anthem? Yes, Japan has one of the world’s shortest national anthems. Because they believe in work and progress but not in leaving the past behind. That’s the reason their national anthem traces an ancient Japanese poem written around 794 to 1185 and it is called “Kimigayo” meaning ‘His Imperial Majesty’s Reign’.

World’s shortest escalator belongs to Japan

In the basement of More’s Department Store in Kawasaki, there is the world’s shortest escalator called the “Puchicalator”. This small 5-step escalator covers a distance of only 2.7 ft. There is hardly any reason behind the existence of this escalator, still, it has managed to make a proud entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

World’s largest wholesale fish market is in Japan

Japanese people share a deep love for fish. As a result of their unbreakable bond with fish, the country has the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market. This market, located in Tokyo is called “Toyosu”. It is far different from the market that we see around us. It has two buildings, especially for seafood and one is for fruits and vegetables. It has a viewing deck from where the tourists can have a glance at the entire area.

Behind all these positive sites, there is also a risk in Japan and it is that the country is prone to natural calamities. However, they have managed to take this challenge and rebuild the country whenever they face any natural disaster.


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