Published By: Preeti Kaul

Interesting Facts about Japan You Never Knew

The Asian country has so much more than technology, cartoon and polite people. Read on to discover more about Japan.

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize about Japan. What do you see? For most of us, Japan is all about Mount Fuji, Sakura, kimonos and manga. For an outsider, Japan still carries a quintessential charm of the orient along with the fast-paced technological advancement of the future, which is why there is a certain charm about the country which makes it one of the fascinating places in the world.

Here are some unknown facts about Japan that will add on to your knowledge.

  1. Japanese are known to be extremely hardworking. Due to this trait, people are overworked and face the problem of sleep deprivation. A study indicates that around 40% of average Japanese adults sleep less than six hours a day. The employees in an organization are seen taking power naps in office premises without the fear of getting terminated. Such employees are considered as hardworking and loyal to their work if they want to nap in the office. Not only in the office, but people also try to squeeze in their nap times while commuting, sitting in parks, in delis, and other places. The art of napping is known as 'inemuri', and they have attained mastery over it through centuries of practice.
  2. Japan's public transportation is used by around 57% of the population. Because Japan is a densely populated country, the rush hour commuting causes 199% overcapacity in trains. So, the travellers are shoved inside by professional 'transit pushers' to accommodate the maximum number of people inside a train at a given time. It is standard practice at many crowded railway terminals of Japan.
  3. Tokyo is the most populated city in the world, with a population of 38,140,000 people. The capital city is likely to retain its title until 2030 as suggested in a report by the United Nations.
  4. While other countries are shedding its cultural boundaries to accommodate different ethnicities and nationalities, Japan still has 98.5% indigenous people in its population. It is because people are still hard towards the idea of cultural mixing. Also, the visa rules are stringent as the nation believes in safeguarding its tradition and beliefs from the foreign impact.
  5. Japanese are quite particular about cleanliness. The roads in the country are litter free and incredibly tidy, even in populated cities like Tokyo. People also like to volunteer in the road cleaning task very frequently. That is why you would not find janitors in Japan.
Hopefully, these facts will add up to your knowledge and inspire you to take up a trip to the beautiful country.