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Interesting facts about Mahabharata, you must know

The Mahabharata, the greatest epic of all time is still researched for its quality, value, and other insights.

India has the two greatest epics in the form of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The story of the Mahabharata is beyond the rivalry between Pandavas and Kauravas. It teaches us life lessons too. More or less, you know the stories of Mahabharata, but just like behind the scene moments, there are some really interesting stories about Mahabharata. Let’s find out those unknown stories.

The initial name of this epic was Jaya. It had around 25000 verses depicting the stories of spiritual victories. Then it became Vijaya, which told about the materialistic world and victories. Further, it was modified as Bharata, which told about the clans in the battle. However, the final form, Mahabharata depicts the stories of wisdom in the land of Bharat-Varsha.

Maharishi Vedvyas and Lord Ganesha are the main persons behind the epic Mahabharata. There were two conditions given by Vedvyas that Ganesh cannot stop writing and he should not write without knowing the meaning and proper interpretation of shlokas. So, the epic was written one stretch. If you consider only Vedvyas as a genius, then you are partially wrong, you just cannot neglect the talent of Lord Ganesh.

You must have of the bravery of Abhimanyu on the battlefield. The backstory of Abhimanyu, you may not know. Abhimanyu was born with the soul of a demon called Kayavana. The Chakravyuha was actually planned to kill him so that the demon attain the moksha.

Surprisingly enough Shakuni defeated the Pandavas with the checkers only consisting of four sides.In the game of dice, it has six sides usually.  The creation of such dice is beyond anybody’s knowledge, even no explanation is provided anywhere in the epic.

Two sons of Dhritarashtra, Yuyutsu, and Vikarna were against the war and tried to oppose during the dice game. Despite his great apprehension, Vikarnaentered the battlefield to fight for Kauravas. Seeing the bravery, Bheem acknowledged him as a great warrior from Kaurava.

Once, Lord Krishna broke his promise on the battlefield. He promised that he will never touch any weapon on the battlefield. In the war, Arjun had to face mighty Bhishma, by looking at helpless arjun, Lord Krishna lifted one chariot’s wheels and attacked Bhishma. Arjun, aware of his promise, tried to stop Krishna, but all went in vain.

Vidur, one of the important characters of Mahabharata, was actually one avatar of Yamraj. He was a brilliant scholar in his childhood and learned Dharm and Artha Shastra simultaneously. Unfortunately, Rishi Mandavya’s curse landed him in the world as a human being.

Eklavya, another important character of Mahabharata, was reincarnated as Dhrishtadyumna, the brother of Draupadi.Eklavya learned all the skills of the battlefield on his own but Drona was not happy with it. So, he asked a favor by cutting his thumb. Later, Krishna killed Eklavya while Rukmini was abducted. But Lord Krishna blessed him with the power of reincarnation so that he can take revenge against Drona.

Aren’t those facts about the epic Mahabharata interesting?

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