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Interesting Facts About Mongolia

Research says that Mongolia is now the 18th Biggest country in the world that preserve some interesting and weird facts that attract the attention of people all around the world

Mongolia is basically the land of unspoiled weirdness and vast country for a very long term and is also known as the end of the earth. Now, recently, it has been found that Mongolia went from 1st to 18th based on the biggest country records and its low population makes it one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth.

Mongolians are always ready to welcome their guest

In this country with vast differences, communication is the main issue and quite difficult but at the same time, it is important to sense the community and their talks. People who reside in the Mongolian countryside would always carry a bowl of salty and warm milk tea for their visitors.

The endangered two-humped Bacterian camel is considered native to Mongolia.

This species is indigenous to Mongolia and the annual thousands Camel festival is also run by the local non-governmental organization (NGO) are working to protect as well as preserve them and also the population which is now steadily getting declined over the past 12 years. People get an opportunity to communicate with Camels during these particular festivals and also learn first-hand about their and herders’ nomadic lifestyles.

Festival dedicated to eagle hunting

Mongolia holds the Golden Eagle festival over 2 days every year and celebrates old-aged Kazakh tradition. This generally begins with the parade of eagle hunters on horseback and elaborate hunting costumes as well as accessories by displaying them. Moreover, the eagles are judged for agility and speed, as birds are officially released from the cliff and swoop down on the arms of hunters standing below to land. Also, the men demonstrate their horsemanship and courage along with a variety of traditional games.

Ice cream is considered a favourite winter treat in Mongolia

Generally, in winter you would find street vendors selling ice cream on streets boxed made of paper. Also, they do not need the freezer at -30 degrees celsius to keep it chilled as it remains cold without a freezer.

Mongolia is also known as the land of Dinosaurs who once roamed

In the early 1920s, dinosaurs were found in the Gobi desert, which is fossilized along with the first dinosaur eggs. Also, it has been figured out that dinosaurs’ fossils still exist and lied exposed today as well.

Travellers get totally fascinated when it comes to visiting Mongolia for a good reason like those few interesting facts which are undercovered and most people are unaware about.

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