Interesting Facts About MotoGP

The grandest motorcycle racing event on earth has given birth to various unique records since its inception in 1949

Around the world, several motorcycle racing events are held, but none of them are as grand as the MotoGP. The million-dollar racing industry has given birth to numerous racing legends such as Valentino Rossi, Mick Doohan, Angel Nieto and several others over the decades. Started on 17 June 1949, MotoGP has also given birth to numerous fascinating tales and records to date. Therefore, we have listed some records from the MotoGP universe for the die-hard fans from distant corners of the earth.

The Misano Grand Prix has held the most MotoGP races in the history of the motorsport. Not to forget, the Misano Grand Prix hosts the races in opposite direction as well.

In a single MotoGP race, a racer changes the gear from 500 to 800 times.

A MotoGP racer loses four kilograms of weight and two litres of sweat in a single race which is equivalent to three hours of intense workout.

Since MotoGP’s inception, the event has had several categories such as 125cc, 250cc, 500cc and the 1,000cc premier class category.

In the history of MotoGP, Marc Marquez and Alex Marquez are the only brothers to win a Grand Prix in the same year. That’s not all, as the Marquez brothers are the first brothers to pick up a world championship in the same year. Both the racers were backed by the same team of Repsol.

A large part of the MotoGP racing suit comprises various animal’s leather. However, kangaroo hides are used in those parts where the friction rate is highest.

In the season of 2011, 14 different racers reached the podium.

MotoGP racers wear helmets that are soundproof. All the MotoGP motorcycles generate a sound decibel of over 125. To avoid distraction, the helmets are made soundproof.

All the MotoGP motorcycles are equipped with a seamless transmission system. It means that the motorcycle’s next gear is engaged before the lower gear is disengaged, which helps the riders reduce the gear changing time by 0.0064 seconds.

The MotoGP motorcycles are equipped with tanks that can hold up to 21-litres of fuel.

In the present age, all the MotoGP motorcycles bear a four-stroke configuration instead of the conventional two-stroke because two-stroke motorcycles used to generate more pollution.

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