Interesting Facts about Mushroom Coffee

Coffee aficionados and social media influencers have been digging Mushroom Coffee for its health benefits

 Widely embraced for being a nourishing alternative to traditional coffee, brands have been quick to catch up with the trend and manufacture signature coffee flavours.

 A Mix of Healthy Ingredients: The beverage is a decoction of medicinal mushrooms, compounded into powder and blended finely with coffee grounds. The powder is added to the cuppa, and often so based on the drinker’s preference. If you want the sweetened flavour in your coffee, add reishi. On the other hand, lion’s mane mushroom powder scales down the bitterness of the drink. The health benefits depend on the mushroom powder you are adding to the coffee. Traditionally, medicinal mushrooms have been prevalent in China. Mushroom coffee is the buzzword being firmly rooted into the concept of wellness.

Wide Versatility of Mushroom Powder: Mushroom powder that you will be stirring into your cuppa comes in seven varieties mostly.

Shiitake Mushroom

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Chaga Mushroom

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom

Cordyceps Mushroom

Maitake Mushroom

Once you explore the richness of each variety, you are naturally drawn to its wholesomeness and innumerable health benefits. Each mushroom variety proudly dates back to antiquity and has a rich history behind it, in Asia and beyond.

Coffee for Overall Wellbeing: Mushroom Coffee has been a rage in the town and how! A few researched benefits of mushrooms are their capacity in boosting immune health, supporting cognition, treating ulcers, furnishing body with anti-inflammatory properties, managing blood sugar levels and working on low-energy.

Reduces Anxiety: If you are witnessing high levels of anxiety at the slightest inconveniences, trust the aromatic brewing to ease your mind. Since mushrooms are stuffed with anti-oxidants and comparatively less caffeine, it helps you overcome sluggishness and become alert without, of course, losing your sleep.

Mushroom for Lungs: Turkey Tail mushroom in coffee can alleviate lung problems and risks of developing fatal symptoms. Traditionally consumed as an antidote to lung diseases, the mushroom simultaneously improves your immunity. Your body builds a strengthened fortress to ward off diseases. A few Mushroom Coffee varieties have also demonstrated cancer-preventive properties. No wonder coffee is gaining traction amongst mainstream coffee drinkers.

Rich in Minerals: Mushroom Coffee is low on caffeine and has zero preservatives added to it. The roaring popularity is attributed to the plant-based extracts present in the powder that offer a slew of health benefits. However, make sure to assess why you want to switch in the first place before deciding which mushroom concoction to buy.

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