Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

Interesting facts about the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata that many of you don’t know about

Next time if you are planning to come to Kolkata, don't miss the Durga Puja.

Durga Puja in Kolkata is unlike any other festival in India.  People of Kolkata live to celebrate the Durga puja every year; they plan their whole year around it and live those five days as if there is no life after that. More than a religious event, it is a social and cultural event where people from every religion, region, and background come together to celebrate. One of the most unique and special things about Durga Puja is that it celebrates each sphere of the culture, from its people to art, food, fashion, and everything. There is no other way to feel Durga puja without physically experiencing it, but these five facts will help you get an idea of how grand it is.

It is a display of art and craft.

More than a religious celebration, it's a carnival with an exhibition of fine arts and crafts of the city. Artisans from across the globe participate in it and create magnificent pandals, idols, lightings, etc. The fascinating thing about the Durga puja is its pandal; through the amazing detailings of the craftsmen, they make the pandals look like palatial halls. They delegate themes for every year's Durga Puja pandal, and students from the art school also participate and add extra panache to the structures of the pandals. The compositions may include travel destinations, movies, abstracts, science, almost everything.

A significant Employment Generator

A celebration of this magnitude demands a considerable workforce, which ultimately helps in generating employment. From those erecting the pandals to the decorators, idol- makers to artisans, electricians to security persons, priests to dhakis, the Pujas help thousands boost their earnings. Around 4 Lakh people, including labourers and artisans, sustain their lives for over six months from this single event.

There are different types of Puja.

While pandals have their own set of displays, another kind has its charm and attraction. Kolkata witnessed two distinct types of Durga Puja, and apart from the rituals, both are entirely different from each other. One is the grand show of 'para' (locality) puja lights, designs, themes, ideas, and the crowd, while 'bonede barir' (home) puja, the other, has a homely effect and brings people closer to their roots with the sense of homecoming.

Visarjan Carnival: A new addition to the celebration

The age-old 'visarjan' or immersion of idols has given a new shape lately. The visarjan has now been showcased as a carnival by the state government. It is a roadshow for immersion procession where the idols and replica of marquees of around 65 most popular community puja committees from the city participates.