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Interesting facts about the new human organ discovered this year

Surprisingly, scientists have discovered a new organ inside the human body. This organ has generated massive interest among researchers studying throat cancer.

Scientists were curious about human anatomy for the last five centuries. Any discovery regarding human anatomy is fascinating. Considering the rapid spread of various diseases, a proper understanding of the structure and function of the human organ is crucial. The human body is a package of surprises for scientists.Starting from the complex biochemical pathways and peculiar structure of organs, scientists get enticed with discoveries. Just when people tend to think that they have successfully figured out the complex human body, a discovery comes out.If you are interested in human anatomy and excited to know about recent discoveries, this is the perfect article for you. This article will provide you with a detailed idea about the newly discovered human organ.

What is an organ?

A collection of structurally similar tissues with specific functions is known as tissue according to human anatomy. For instance, the liver, lungs, kidneys are the well-known organs of the human body. Both animals and plants are endowed with multiple organs. Not all lives on this earth have organs. The organ-bearing lives are the most advanced forms on this earth.

What is the new organ and where is it located?

A group of scientists from the Netherlands found discovered a new organ in the human body. Although it is not properly named yet, for the time being, it is called as “Tubarial gland”. It is located in the region where your throat and path for throat meets. Researchers suspected that this organ might be the fourth pair of your large salivary glands.

How the organ was discovered?

The researcher group was testing “prostate-specific membrane antigen imaging” using “positron emission tomography”. It is an advanced form of visualizing tumors inside your body. The newly discovered organ is so small and located in a hidden place that experts cannot detect it with widely used imaging techniques like CT scan, MRI, or USG. You need advanced instruments for proper visualization.

How important is this discovery?

After this novel discovery, scientists were puzzled to understand the function of this organ. However, they have concluded that the main function of this organ is the lubrication of the oropharynx and nasopharynx. The oropharynx defines the connection between the throat and tongue.However, the nasopharynx is linked to the soft palate.this organ is believed to be helping the salivary gland. This discovery is important for treating patients suffering from throat and neck cancer. Scientists are hopeful that this discovery will generate new paths for treating swallowing and speaking-related issues and trouble to speak. Various new studies are going on to understand the importance of this organ in great detail.

Aren’t this article on newly discovered human organ insightful?

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