Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Interesting facts about Universe

Don’t you find the universe to be intriguing, just as we do?

By now we know that the universe is referred to as the totality of all objects that exist in space as the universe. It is full of countless stars, massive gas, galaxies, clouds, black holes, and a variety of other intriguing elements. To pique your attention, we have compiled a list of some of the universe's most fascinating facts.

Space is completely silent

Since there is no atmosphere in space, sound cannot travel there and cannot be heard.  Since radio waves can still be sent and received in space, astronauts utilize radios to stay in touch.

The Chinese started recording the sighting of Halley’s Comet in 240B

Every Time the comet was sighted starting in 164 BC, it was continuously recorded. In the year 2061, the next Halley's comet will be visible from Earth.

The number of stars in place is unknown

It is impossible to estimate the precise number of stars in our universe. Scientists and astronomers believe that the Milk Way alone has 200 to 400 billion stars at this time. As a result, the cosmos contains billions of galaxies.

For the next 100 million years, the footsteps on the moon will remain there

The absence of an atmosphere on the moon means that there is no wind to wear away the surface or water to wash the footprints away. Therefore, the Apollo astronauts' footprints as well as space and rover prints will remain there for millions of years.

In space, there is a floating water

Around 10 billion light years distant, astronomers discovered a gigantic water vapour cloud that contains 140 trillion times the volume of water in oceans on Earth. It is the largest water find ever made.

The price of the NASA space suit is $12 million

The NASA space suit costs approximately $12, 000, 000. However, the backpack and control module account for 70% of the entire cost.

The moon is moving away from the Earth.

Every year, the moon moves 3.8 cm away from the Earth and Scientists think that the Moon will someday migrate out of Earth's gravitational influence. This will not happen for billions of years.

The size of Pluto is less than that of the US

The US is larger than the planet Pluto and walking from London to Denver Oil takes you the same amount of time as around Pluto's equator.

Aren’t these some cool things you should have known about space?