Interesting facts you must know about ‘Emily in Paris’

Let’s find out a few unknown facts about this interesting and most-watched series.

Netflix’s popular Series ‘Emily In Paris’- is filled with heartless jokes, city parallels, and some fun activities. Read on to know some interesting facts about the show.

Chef Gabriel was a real-life chef who become becoming an actor

The character of Chef Gabriel was played by a French model as well as an actor named Lucas Bravo, who was a chef in real life before signing the show. The actor confessed that a few years ago he was working in a bar named EW and one of the sous-chefs left he told them that he does not think he can learn anything more at the bar and assisted for a few months and leading a life of sous-chef it was a blast, as said by Lucas Bravo.

The joke was cracked about Lou Malnati’s pizza offended the owner

It was a small joke but later on, it created some offense as well. In the very first episode when Emily’s French boss poo-poos Chicago deep-dish pizzas, Emily said right after that he didn’t like it as he went to Lou Malnati and tried their pizza which is a real chain of restaurants in Chicago. But ouch! right after that the owner of said chain, Marc Malnati was offended and got very unimpressed with the cracked joke.

Lily Collins belongs from a very famous family

People say Lily Collins was born to be a star with the family she has. Lily Collin’s father is Phil Collins who was an ex-drummer and singer as well as composer from a well-known band called Genesis and many other well-known works. Also, Lily Collins has recently married an American director called Charlie McDowell whose parents are well known musician Mary Streenburgen and father is a British actor, Malcolm McDowell.

Lily Collins is very good in speaking French

Although as everyone knows Emily stumbles through her minimal French skills in the show, Collins actually grew up by learning  French in school and having French-speaking half brothers.

Prank on Lily Collins

In order to prepare for the role, Lily Collins was living in Paris for several months to get familiar with the culture and environment in an apartment which was similar to Emily’s. Lily Collins faced various asteroid things like stepping into dog poop as well as having her hot water broken for two weeks which was happening to her character on screen.

Lastly, it got so outrageous that she thought it was the cast and crew who pranked her.

Regardless of where you are up to now in your Emily in Paris journey, here are some interesting hidden fun facts about the entire show that you might find interesting.


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