Interesting fictional characters who ran for office

You might have heard accusations, debates and scandals regarding the candidates running for office, but what if we told you some of them were even fictional.

We often turn to the fictional world of television, movies, and even books to find solace and keep our mind away from the harsh realities. But what if we told you that sometimes the reality of politics was too much for voter, and they preferred fictional characters over a real politician. Here are some of the fictional characters who famously ran for office.

Santa Claus.

If we ever gave children the right to vote, they would have selected Santa Claus for office in a jiffy. Yes, we are talking about Santa Claus, who ran for office in the year 2012. A resident of Nevada, Thomas O’Connor, who was a bishop, legally changed his name to Santa Claus. He even dressed up as his namesake and raised awareness for improving the lives of children around the U.S. Nobody knows how many votes he eventually garnered as the election commission does not count votes for the name that is uncertified.


The smart, sassy singing chipmunk also ran for office in the year 1960. Yes, the same year, when tensions were high during the election campaign between Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy. Interestingly, Richard Nixon warmly welcomed Alvin as his competitors and famously remarked that he has at least one worthy opponent.


We believe that Snoopy and his fans truly believe in his calibre and believes that he could be the president we all are waiting for. That is probably the reason why Snoopy ran for presidential elections in the U.S not only once or twice but thrice in the year 1968, 1976, and 1980. His campaign ran in full swing with even an official song named “Snoopy for President”. But unfortunately, he could not fulfil his dream of becoming a president.

Wonder Woman.

The braveheart princess who works for eliminating villains in the DC universewas the best bet for presidential elections in the year 1972. It all started with a magazine featuring her as the best candidate running for office. Fun fact, even in the comic, she once ran for office in a story which is set in thousand years in the future.


Zahra, in fact, became the face of the emancipation of women in patriarchal Iran. Zahra is a central character of a graphic novel which challenges the status quo, and she also ran for presidential elections in the year 2013. She is an advocate of free speech and wants to raise awareness about human rights.

So, given a choice, whom would you vote for?

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