Interesting Ideas for Quiz Rounds

Be ready to implement the techniques!

Quiz fun is for everyone! From the starting period to the end of a quiz round, there’s a lot of all-genre question bunches, tricky methods of guessing, methods of arranging rounds and others, which can be a true worthy replacement of brainless virtual games. Though the rounds can be held in virtual platforms to stay well-connected with your dearest people, it’s more beneficial to arrange quiz competitions face to face. How the rounds can be created and how to make the variations? Let’s take a look.

Melodic Round : The round of choosing music

In this round first you have to choose one of the participants. Then ask for guessing any song within 5 seconds, and you will play a part of that song on an instrument, and it’s mandatory to answer the lyrics of the next paragraph of that song, within 10 seconds.

It can also be done in other ways, like announcing the name of a particular year and asking to sing songs in any language released in that year.

Illustration Round : The round of depicting details of any picture

Choose any creative art, whatever sculpture or painting. Present it to the participants, and ask who drew or made it or when it was made. Ask the participant whose turn it is to say, if the others know, they will give answers only when the certain answerer is unable to say. And according to the rules, one of the others will get bonus points.

It can be historical illustrations such as frames of famous battles. Regarding the questions, it should be about the centuries or small depiction of the battle.

Video Round : The round of describing metaphorical or symbolized clips

Well, here I am not talking about those conventional story clips that have no symbolic incident, no metaphorical twist. As a questioner, you have to make the best choice and show that particular clip to the participants and the clip should not extend too much time. Then ask for the answer in one sentence what the clip really means or what message it wants to convey.

It will be a bit tougher in terms of metaphorical description, but it is more standard and skill-based than other rounds.

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