Interesting Social Activities for the Elderly

Meaningful social activities certainly fight against the constant feeling of being worn down by life’s adversities 

Engaging in a healthy amount of social activities is indispensable to delay and eliminate the onset of dementia. Connecting people and nature is integral to coping with depression, social alienation, aloofness, anxiety and negativity.

Partaking in Performative Art

In theatrical performances, there is no winning or losing. Performative art paves way for active collaboration, and this sheer joy of connecting with other people by expressing yourself inspires you to put effort into making each movement count.

The simplicity of this art—such as attempting a skit, dramatising a story / play, writing skits, enjoying a karaoke, participating in improve, trying skills at stand-up comedy, makes sure that performers do not suffer from nervous anxiousness or jittery agitation instead they could open up and indulge in the beauty of this art.

Arrange Kitty Parties to Converse and Interact

Social gatherings are not necessarily all about extravagances and splurges but a way to eradicate the feeling of alienation and touch starvation that springs when devoid of human contact / company for a long time. Joining a social club or planning a party at home could spread some warmth and joy.

Fiesta, secret Santa, formal tea parties, game nights and trivia nights are fun when you are trying to catch up with your old buddies, reach out to other lonely people and connect with new friends over a common interest or passion.

Bond Over an Array of Games and Puzzles 

Traditional games improve Alzheimer’s and dementia besides protecting brain health. Engaging in games that require critical thinking and analysis prevent cognitive decline and strengthens memory prowess. Uno, chess, bingo, mah-jong, jigsaw puzzles and Chinese checkers could be played at varying levels. Game sessions are proven to work on self-confidence, esteem and sense of progress and achievement.

 Become a Member of an Organisation

‘Contributing to a cause or issue you care about provides immense satisfaction, purpose in life and a semblance of meaning. You would be investing your resources, imparting professional advice and wisdom, interacting with different people, executing leadership roles and responsibilities with a goal– to bring about concrete changes that can positively impact thousands of lives. Your quality of life, physical fitness and emotional health would be revived beyond measure.

The flurry of activities also ensures that the elderly, who are retired and mostly living on their own, do not lose the joie de vivre. Partaking in social activities is an opportunity to share, develop and gain knowledge and new skills.

Puja Sinha

Coffee addict. Daydreamer. Hitchcock Fan. A post-grad in English Literature, Puja is a forever enthusiast of traversing long distances by rail. Her verticals of choice are entertainment, art & society. She can be found lazing in the garden when not fidgeting over deadlines.
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