Interesting Things to Do and See if You Planning to Visit China (Part I)

China is the third largest country in the world area-wise and first when it comes to population.

China is one of the favourite tourist destinations in the world and it has got lots of interesting things to see and do. Chinese civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and China is a great fusion of its rich history and tradition along with modern technology. China is the third largest country in the world area-wise and first when it comes to population. So, to make things easier, we have created a list of interesting things to do and see if you are planning to visit China.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is an architectural marvel and it’s one of the seven modern wonders of the world.  

There is no doubt that the Great Wall of China is one of the most famous tourist attractions not only in China but in the whole world. Every day thousands of people come here to witness the longest wall in the world which is 21,196.18 kilometres. While passing through it, you will get to witness various natural sceneries. Its construction was started during the era of the Qin Dynasty to prevent attacks from invaders during the seventh century BC and it was last rebuilt as a defence in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644).

Boating in River Li

If you are planning to visit China then make sure that boating on the River Li is on your list of places to visit. 

Boating in the River Li amidst unparalleled natural beauty is an experience you shall not miss while visiting China. The river is 83 kilometres long and you can opt for travelling in a cruise boat or select to kayak on the Li River from Yangshuo. You can also enjoy a bamboo rafting for a floating experience as the scenery is breathtaking. The duration of most cruise rides is around 4-5 hours and the best time to visit here is between the months of April to June.

Interact With The Cute Pandas

One of the interesting things to do in China is to visit some super cute Pandas at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and interact with them.

You will be amazed to know that China has patented Pandas. They are mostly found in China only and there are many parks where you can see those cute, black and white fluffy animals. Pandas love hanging, climbing, and munching on the bamboo groves and it’s a beautiful experience to witness them while playing. Pandas are super cute and also quite friendly with humans as well.

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