Interesting Things to Do and See in Las Vegas (Part II)

Las Vegas is one of the most party-loving cities in the world.

Visiting Las Vegas feels like a never-ending party and without any iota of doubt. You will be surprised to know that Las Vegas was once a desert named the Mojave Desert with almost no habitants just a few decades ago but things changed rapidly. Today it’s one of the most happening cities in the world and it’s mostly famous for casinos.

Dolby Live

Las Vegas is never behind anyone when it comes to entertainment and Dolby live, an indoor amphitheater is a prime example of it.  

Dolby Live is another major tourist attraction in Las Vegas and because of the various types of entertainment shows it presents. With a seating capacity of 5,200 seats, many A-list musicians like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, and Cher have performed here. At Dolby Live, you will feel the magic of music in a great setting. Its sound system is just out of the world and its specialty is that it is custom-designed, according to the design and structure of the venue and it will provide you with a memorable music experience you find anywhere else. From concerts and sports to awards shows and conventions, the Dolby Atmos feels more intimate and immersive.

Visiting Neon Museum

Though Las Vegas is famous for its party scene and casinos and rightly so, few things are not related to both of them but quite interesting and The National Atomic Testing Museum is the prime example of it. 

Neon Museum may not be as famous as the casinos or clubs here, but if you want a break from partying continuously then the Neon Museum can be a good option for you to visit. The Neon Museum came into existence as a ‘Neon Boneyard’, which stored neon boards that were stripped for renovation or crashed. Later it took the form of a museum where you can see a range of neon items from the 1950s to 1980s. If you hire a guide you can get detailed information about the historical trends of signs and their designs, which played a big role in Vegas’ history. The museum also contains the translocate lobby of La Concha, an old motel, which after being saved from demolition and now serves as the visitors’ center at the Neon Museum

Explore Area 15

Area 15 is a big experiential retail and entertainment complex where you will have dozens of fun activities to do. 

Don’t get confused with the mysterious Area 51 but the name is definitely inspired by Area 51. Area 15 is full of entertainment-related things. This place is located just a few minutes from the Las Vegas strip. This highly entertaining venue is basically a futuristic supermarket and when you enter the parking spot, you will feel surrounded by lots of public art. During the day entry is free here which is the cherry on the cake. Illumination is a part of Area15 and probably the most interesting one also as it will give you an immersive experience with tech, music, and visuals which you will enjoy a lot for sure.

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