Interview Etiquettes one must keep in mind

The first impression is the last-everyone knows it, but only a few follow.

Even though your resume made to the top of the pile, the company might reject you. It may be because you could not impress them with your personality. When you are going for an interview, there are certain etiquettes you must keep in mind.

So let us brush through the interview etiquettes one must learn to put their best self forward.

Do your homework about the company and the designationGo through your company’s website to find out a brief about their objective, accomplishments and also to have an idea about your interviewer. Some key points from your research will enhance your answer to the question asked in the interview.

Practice makes a man perfect. You will come across some common questions that are asked irrespective of the designation applied. Keep yourself prepared with answers but make sure they don’t sound memorised. Give your answers confidently and with a clear mind. Practice in front of a mirror or with a friend; this will increase your comfort level.

Pay attention to what you wear. Your attire must be from the formal section of the store. A crisped white shirt with desired professional bottoms is your dress for success. Avoid wearing strong perfumes, excessive jewellery or any fancy cap. Research about the corporate dress culture will help you with this.

Punctuality is always appreciated. Be it your school, college or an interview, arriving on time is never harmful. Running late might bring a negative impression to the interviewers. But arriving early for the interview will give you time to calm and compose yourself.

Switch off your cell phone. It is critical to avoid any distractions that might come your way. So switch off your phone beforehand if you wish to move forward with the procedure. Limit your distractions and pay full attention to whatever is asked or said during the process.

Correct body language will ease your way. Your body language tells a lot about you, so be relax before stepping into the interview room. A firm handshake and a smile with proper eye contact can be a good start towards putting your confident self forward. Sit with a back straight, head held high and try to limit the movement of your hands.

Avoid too much information. Try to avoid pouring your heart out in front of your interviewers. A crisp and short introduction about you is all they wish to know, but if they invite further conversation on any topic, then you can go ahead. Try avoiding any negative comments. 

Preparedness and confidence is the key to success.

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